Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do the Buzzer Systems come complete or do I have to purchase any additional parts?
Answer: Every system we offer comes complete with a Moderator, player buttons, and power source. Individual parts on our Replacement Parts page are available as replacements for lost or defective parts, or for expanding the Elite System.

Question: Can the Buzzer Systems plug into my computer?
Answer: No. All of our systems are stand alone systems and do not plug into a computer.

Question: Do the Buzzer Systems have timing or scoring capabilities?
Answer: No.

Question: What is the optional 16" carry bag for the 10 Player System?
Answer: It is a heavy canvas tool bag that compactly stores the system. Color and style may vary.

Question: Can I add more than 10 players to the Officiator 10 Player System?
Answer: No. The Officiator judges up to 10 players and cannot be expanded.

Question: Can I connect two systems together so I can have more than 10 players?
Answer: No. However, our Elite System judges up to 4 teams of 8 players for large group play.

Question: How difficult are the Buzzer Systems to set up?
Answer: Their modular design makes set-up a breeze and the accompanying Instruction Sheet includes set-up diagrams for all styles of Player Buttons.

Question: What kind of warranty do the Buzzer Systems have?
Answer: Each of our Buzzer Systems carry a One Year Warranty.

Question: What happens if I misplace the AC power adaptor?
Answer: We have a replacement one listed on the Order page under Replacement Parts. Or you can purchase one locally ~ the output rating must be 9VDC 500mA and the plug end of the adaptor must be a 3.5MM male plug with a POSITIVE (+) tip.

Question: What if my Moderator has no sound but still lights up when a player buzzes in?
Answer: Please check the volume level by turning the volume control knob (right side of Moderator) in a clock-wise direction. If there still is no sound, then the Moderator should be sent in to have the speaker replaced.

Question: Why do the Moderators sound off and light up the LEDs when it's first powered-up?
Answer: The System automatically starts a self-test when power is first applied. If there is no sound, please make sure the volume control knob is turned-up.

Question: What can I do if a Hand-Held button or Handpad won't work when pushed or it buzzes when it's not pushed?
Answer: Try plugging the 'defective' button or handpad into a different player's RCA connector on the interface box. If it still doesn't work correctly, the cable is probably defective. For a Hand-Held button, simply unplug the cable and replace with an extra one provided. We also have replacements (p/n C5) listed on the Order page. For a Handpad, it must be sent to us to have the attached cable replaced.

Question: What can I do if a Table-Top button won't work when pushed or it buzzes when it's not pushed?
Answer: Try plugging the defective string of Table-Top buttons into the other team's DIN recepticle on the side of the Moderator. If it still doesn't work correctly, check to see if all the black strain reliefs around the gray cables going in and out of each box are still in place. The wire connections inside the boxes can be yanked loose when the strain reliefs are missing. The defective string of buttons should be sent to us to have the connection(s) repaired.

Question: What's wrong when player button #3 does not work and pushing player button #1 buzzes LED #5 and button #2 buzzes LED #4 for the Officiator 10 Player System?
Answer: The black DIN connectors on each end of the Interface Box and the Table-Top string of boxes are keyed and plug into the Moderator's receptacles only one way. If the connectors are plugged in up-side down (this takes some force), then the buttons will not correspond correctly with the Moderator's LEDs and button #3 won't work at all.

Question: I lost my owner's Instruction Sheet. Where can I get another?
Answer: Owner's Instruction Sheets are available for download at the bottom of each product page.

Product Warranty

All of our buzzer systems are warranted, to the original purchaser, to be free from defects in material and workmanship, assuming normal use, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty is not subject to abuse, misuse, or transfer. Anderson Enterprises shall not be liable for damages from loss or delay of equipment use. No implied or express warranty is made for any defects in this product, which results from accident, abuse, neglect, misuse, dis-assembly or repair modification.

If a defect occurs during this period, send your entire system to the address below (shipping pre-paid) and include both a dated proof of purchase and a letter of explanation where it will be repaired or replaced, at our discretion, and shipped back to you free of charge.

Out-of-warranty Systems and Parts

Systems and parts thereof needing repair after the expiration of the warranty will be repaired for a nominal fee plus shipping charges. We can give an estimate of pending charges upon request.

All systems and parts thereof should be carefully packaged for shipment to reduce unnecessary abuse to its fragile parts.

Systems or parts thereof in need of servicing should be sent to:

Anderson Enterprises
Attn: Technical Department
2804 Shoreline Dr. W
Salina, Kansas 67401